Beach day


As fall continues to make its presence in North Carolina, I decided to take two quick escapes to the beach before it got any colder. Julia, one of my good friends in nursing school, lives in Outer Banks, NC while Erin, one of my sorority sisters, lives in Wilmington, NC.

Wilmington, NC


Wilmington, NC

I visited my friend Erin earlier in October, and the beach was just what I needed. Plus, I was trying to sustain my tan, since that is obviously the most important thing to do. The closest Coldstone Creamery to my apartment is 20 minutes away, so we made a pit stop on the way home. I got my usual (birthday cake remix), and we sat outside to enjoy one of the last nights of warm, beach weather.

Don’t mind our squinty eyes, the sun was BRIGHT! Shop my look: Maaji Candies & Blues bathing suit ON SALE, order one size up // South Moon Under chevron necklace

After two more weeks of hectic nursing school, I made another road trip to the beach. This time, I decided to spend a couple days at Julia’s home in Southern Shores, NC (aka the Outer Banks). We had the perfect girls day: shopping, facials, pedicures, margs, and mexican. (I won’t post the really embarrassing pictures of us with green stuff all over our faces). Her mom was SO welcoming, and I had a really great time being back in the Outer Banks where I spent a couple weeks every summer growing up. She also showed me all the “local” spots, and who knew the place where I used to buy all my hermit crabs was actually a local sandwich joint.

It wouldn’t be a day at the beach without a diet coke


Can this be my house? I’ll wake up to that view, no problem


Thanks for reading my first blog post ever! Hopefully my next one won’t take me 1.5+ hours to figure out.


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