Sundance and Utah Travel Diary

Today I’m talking about my trip to Salt Lake City and Park City last month for Sundance Film Festival. I am completely in loveeeee with Utah now. Salt Lake City is in a valley and everywhere you turn there’s beautiful snow covered mountains. And then… Park City is located right in the middle of these mountains and ski lifts seriously drop you off on Main Street. People would hop off the skii lifts, explore Main Street, and then hop back on!

On the very first day, we went tubing at Gorgoza Park. We purchased the $28 for 2 hours pass, and it was well worth the money. Another option was $10 for 1 ride, but obviously we wanted to do more than just 1 ride! It was seriously a blast, but freezing!

The next day we explored Main Street in Park City and meet these amazing two girls!! Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up!! My friend Anna and I have been fans of theirs for quite awhile, so it was so cool to meet them. They were so so nice, and it definitely made me even more of a Tone It Up fan. They were the only ‘celebs’ we met, but at least we found them!

This is the lift that takes you right into the downtown of Park City!

On Saturday, Acura was having a happy hour special with free beer and a live DJ. Everyone was just having a good time and dancing in the middle of the street. Best part? Free beer and zero political talk!

On Sunday we tried to go zip lining at Park City Mountain Resort, but couldn’t because it was snowing too bad! (It seriously snowed all day everyday while we were there). Since we couldn’t go ziplining, we went roamed around and got sweats from the local chocolate store. I got a sprinkle covered marshmallow and chocolate covered pretzels, and they definitely hit the spot! We also tried to see a movie that night in Salt Lake, but didn’t get in 🙁

We went skiing on Monday at Park City Mountain Resort, and man oh man. I hadn’t skied since I was around 16/17 years old, so I was pretty nervous that I would just fall the entire time. Luckily, I picked it up rather quickly and near the end of the day we even went on some blues! I know that may seem like a joke to some of you, but I was still pretty impressed with myself. I only fell around 5 times for a day of 8 hours of skiing! We definitely didn’t do a straight 8 hours of skiing, we took a lunch and a hot chocolate break. Later that night, we saw Landline in Salt Lake City and it I think Amazon picked it up, so it should get released sooner or later.

On my last day there, we stayed in Salt Lake City and had lunch at Eva’s Bakery. Anna showed me more of her old stomping grounds and we explored some neighborhoods. I mean how gorgeous is that bottom picture?! It’s just a regular ol’ neighborhood, but it sure does look like a Winter Wonderland. During this trip, we stayed at the Crystal Inn Hotel and Suites. It was pretty cheap, and the room was bigger than average!

Next year, we’re planning on hopefully gathering enough people to rent a condo in Park City. Residents know they can make a ton of money renting out their places during Sundance, so it can get expensive. We both like spending money on activities rather than the place we’re staying, so we’ll see how it all works out next year. If you’ve never been to Sundance or Park City for winter, I would highly recommend it. It was amazing and I already want to go back!

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