My Make-Up Products

Today I’m sharing with y’all my make up products. I rarely wear makeup. I usually only wear it when I have plans or for a blog photoshoot. You won’t ever catch me wearing makeup at work. The hospital air is super dry which causes your face to become an oil machine..which thennnn clogs your pores. It’s a mess. However, for those rare days where I am actually wearing make up these are my go-to’s! I don’t really try new products, because I am not the biggest make-up fanatic and I don’t want to waste a lot of money on products that in reality aren’t worth the money. But, this Laura Mercier setting powder and this Dior lip maximizer are my two new products (probably two new products in a whole year), and they are simply amazing! Surprisingly, the lip maximizer actually works, and you’ll feel your lips tingle after you apply it. But if there is one thing you must get for your make up routine it is THIS. I cannot recommend it more for your under eyes. I apply my under eye concealer and then this setting powder. I typically let it “bake” for about 5-10 minutes. After that, I blend it into my foundation and my under eyes look like a million bucks. I always felt like my eye concealer didn’t completely hid my bags, because well… it didn’t. But with this powder, they’re gone! It’s seriously the best.

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