LIPP Beautifully

Today I am partnering with LIPP, a brand that specializes in finding that perfect shade of lipstick for you. They have a special feature called Custom LIPP that allows you to create a custom lip shade from the ground up. You will fill out a questionnaire and lip mixologists will send you three samples inspired by your responses. You can then decide which sample you love and order a full tube. I mean, who doesn’t want a lipstick shade made specifically for you?!

I received a bunch of samples to figure out which shade I loved the most, and I picked Machu. It’s the perfect nude, which is exactly what my lipstick inventory needed. I have tons of bright colors for the summer, but no creamy beige until now 🙂

To learn more about this amazing company and about why this company was created click here.

I will be doing a giveaway on my instagram (@melindayh) on Monday, so look out for your chance to win a free LIPP Fan subscription and two Mattes of choice!

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