Blow Out Bar

Today I’m sharing my experience about getting my first blow out ever at Just Air in Fort Lauderdale. We originally planned our appointments in hopes of having fabulous hair (without having to do the effort) for Maggie’s big night out. Just Air offers complimentary champagne for all customers while getting their hair styled. We were also in need of coffee (no sleep all weekend long) hence the Panera iced coffees that you may see in the pictures. I absolutely love having people play, brush, and/or actually do my hair so this was a dreammmm. I asked my stylist for beach waves, but unfortunately that didn’t work out as expected. All of our hair styles fell before the night began which is pretty laughable to think about now. I feel like the Florida humidity really got the best of our hair…. Obviously, I along with the other girls wish our hair stayed for the night (or at least the beginning), but it was still a fun experience to hang out with all of the girls sipping champagne while getting our hair styled. Plus life and plans aren’t always perfect, so this is just another example of that! Ya win some and ya lose some..

I really want to get my hair blown out again in the cooler months when the humidity isn’t such a mood killer. Any suggestions for a place around the Richmond-Charlottesville, VA area?

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